Spirit of Change - Winter 2011

Christmas Without All The Stuff

For those wanting to celebrate without all the commercialism, expense and stress of the typical American holiday celebration, some December contention may be hard to avoid.

All January 2012 Events

1/4 - CRYSTAL BOWL LAW OF ATTRACTION SERIES Setting New Year's Resolutions that will happen! Time: 7-9pm. Location: Solstice Healing Arts, 163 Main St., Suite 6, Medway MA, 02053. www.solsticehealing.com www.rhysmethod.com   1/7 - BOSTON BRAIN WORKS ANNIVERSARY OPEN HOUSE…

The Great Disruption

We've taken our planet to the limit, physically and economically. To those who say it's simply too late to save the world from collapse, sustainability expert Paul Gilding offers The Great Disruption.

Astrology Forecast for Winter 2011-12

As winter's cold settles across New England, overhead the stars portend change. The precarious state of many governments, institutions, corporations and households confirms life is indeed a delicate proposition.

How Do You Measure A Year?

In the tale of the birth of Jesus, three wise men follow a star to Bethlehem. By studying patterns in the cosmos, they anticipated the beginning of a new era in the Age of Pisces, heralded by the birth of Christ.

Feng Shui For Recuperation At Home

Dear Lynn,I need back surgery that will require an extended recuperation time at home. Is there any feng shui advice you can give me to turn my bedroom into a more healing environment? I have a supportive husband at home, so that is a help. — SJ, Beverly, MA

EarthTalk: Wet Cleaning

Dear EarthTalk: Some drycleaners I've seen offer "wet cleaning" as opposed to dry cleaning. What's the difference? Is it better for the environment? — Elizabeth Connelly, Tampa, FL

EarthTalk: Legalizing Green Bud

Dear EarthTalk: I heard someone say that legalizing pot — as Californians considered doing last year — would benefit the environment. How would that be? — William T., Portland, OR