Spirit of Change - Winter 2010

Dissolving Pain

A leader in brainwave biofeedback, Dr. Les Fehmi believes in the power of the brain. In Dissolving Pain he explains how to regulate and balance brainwave patterns to overcome pain.

Radical Healing

As politicians posture over how to best "revamp" our current healthcare-in-crisis system, truly transformative healing modalities are being completely ignored.

Pizza Secrets

What started out as a quiet, “take care of things we’ve been putting off around the house” kind of Saturday quickly changed...

EarthTalk: GMOs

Given how new GM technology is — scientists first began tinkering with it in the 1970s...

Letter: A Healing Portal

Kudos to you! I have been an avid reader of Spirit of Change almost from the first issue. In reading SOC over the years I’ve been roused by the words of Bill Strubbe.

Creating Community

Too good to pass up without sharing, these late entries for the “Creating Community” fall issue of Spirit of Change were submitted by “Curriculum of Hope for a Peaceful World” newsletter.