Author: Michelle Hirsch

Healthy Cooking Timesavers

If you've been struggling with a hectic schedule and find yourself reaching for takeout menus more often than you'd like, try some of these quick and easy meal prep ideas that have worked for me.

Whole Foods Healthy Cooking

Have you ever had one of those weeks when everything and everyone in your household seemed to be operating on overdrive? Maybe you’ve even had a few of those weeks back to back like I’ve recently experienced.

Pizza Secrets

What started out as a quiet, “take care of things we’ve been putting off around the house” kind of Saturday quickly changed...

Celebrating Salads

Salads can range from super simple "toss and go" light meal creations to more elaborate, substantial meals.

Whole Foods Healthy Cooking: Summer Cooking

"Nature transitions from one type of energy to another and it signals our bodies to transition in harmony with it. Each season should result in a change of food choices and cooking styles that help balance the energy of the season.” — Michelle Hirsch

Cooking Made Easy

Most people understand the link between good health and the foods they choose to consume.

Making Healthier Food Choices

Feeling tired by mid-day? Wish you had the energy to do more of the things you enjoy? Want to improve overall health? If so, try looking to nature for help.

Cooking with Kids

The celebration of community elders is a way of life practiced by many traditional cultures around the world.

Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Hippocrates stated, “Let food be thy medicine.” He understood that the greatest healers in the world are the people who grow our food and the people who prepare our food.

Food For The Natural Living Pleasure Of It

Food For The Natural Living Pleasure Of It. They’re as varied as the experiences when we feel completely balanced, at peace and in a state of joy. For some it’s stretching out lazily and becoming completely absorbed in a great book.

New Year's Resolution Recipe Re-do's

What would the New Year be without a discussion about resolutions? Let’s face it: it’s a January tradition to resolve to make at least a few positive changes in our lives.

Fall Harvest Healthy Eating Recipes

All foods have their season, their time to display themselves in all their glory. And each season contributes a unique energy to these foods. Summer brings an expansive energy to foods to help cool us.

Healthy Cooking: Tempting Tempeh

Now here is one powerhouse of a food! If you’re looking for ease of preparation, versatility and great taste all rolled into one healthy food choice, this one’s for you.

Time Saving Holiday Healthy Treats

The season of holidays has arrived and it can feel like the time between our Thanksgiving and New Year celebrations are one big blur with one event running into the other.

Summer’s Harvest Recipes

Fall is approaching and that means harvest time! This is my favorite season because, to me, nothing beats an early morning visit to local farmer’s markets. The selection of produce is at its peak and the colorful displays are exciting and inspiring.

How to Make Sushi

Summer has arrived! Along with the wonderful foods the season brings, it also offers the added dimension of outdoor dining. No matter what the food, it always seems better eaten in the fresh air, especially surrounded by family and friends.

Glorious Grains

In celebration of this season's warm weather and our desire to spend more time savoring outdoor activities, we're going to explore the world of grains.

Healthy Winter Recipes

Ah, winter! The season of crisp, cold, freshly fallen snow, crackling wood fires and sparkling icicles. It's pure Currier and Ives. Nothing says "home" quite like winter in New England.

Healthy Holiday Delights

Eating a whole foods diet involves more than eating natural foods. It means taking our cue from Mother Nature's cycles and the gifts each season brings.

What is Macrobiotics?

Macrobiotics is a Greek term ("macro" means long, and "bios" means life) first introduced by Hippocrites, the father of Western medicine. Modern practice follows the guidelines taught by George Ohsawa and, most recently, by Michio Kushi.